Superior Indoor Cabinetry

StyleLite is the perfect material to create luxury kitchen and bathroom storage, bespoke furniture, and feature panels.

Now with TruColor technology - an advanced multilayer UV barrier technology.


Kitchen and vanity cabinets Office Furniture and partitions Caravans and RV joinery displays

StyleLite Indoor - StyleLex Outdoor

Achieve unrivalled synergy of your indoor and outdoor cabinets


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StyleLite features a range of on-trend colours.


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Easy to Clean

Clean using wet microfibre cloth or chamois with non-abrasive soap.

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EGR Decor production facilities are recognised for achieving ISO9001 Quality Management Certification.

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Resists fading

UV and colour change protected.

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Anti fingerprint

Fingerprint resistant surface technology (TruMatte).

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StyleLite panels are water resistant.

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StyleLite is highly recyclable making it the best choice for modern, eco-friendly interiors.

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StyleLite panels are an inert material, and don't release any emmissions to the environment during manufacture or use.

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Vertical surfaces

This product is designed for use in vertical surface applications only. StyleLite is not designed for structual applications.

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Carbon TrueMatte

StyleLite Carbon TruMatte cabinetry.

The StyleLite System.

StyleLite MDF panels.

Regular StyleLite panels, are suitable for a range of general purpose applications.

StyleLite lightweight plywood panels.

Lightweight panels for when weight is a consideration. It uses high quality lightweight plywood.

StyleLite sheet.

StyleLite Sheet is manufactured from high quality acrylic-capped ABS, and features a reverse-side treatment for superior bonding performance.

StyleLite edge band.

All StyleLite compatible edge band is of premium quality and offer high resistance to heat, abrasion, impact and colour fade.

Edge Band
StyleLite retail image

StyleLite Arctic TruMatte retail cabinetry.

TruColor reduces fading over time.

StyleLite with TruColor technology features advanced multi layer UV barrier technology.

StyleLite 3 layer technology reduces colour fading over time.


StyleLite Alabaster TruGloss RV cabinetry.

StyleLite vs 2 Pack.

StyleLite is superior to painted applications for colour longevity, usage and maintenance.

StyleLite vs 2 Pack
StyleLite Drawers

StyleLite Carbon TruMatte cabinet drawers.

Guaranteed quality.

StyleLite panels are created by laminating Acrylic sheet front and back to a variety of substrates using EGR's premier polyurethane (PUR) hot melt bonding system.

Three Layers